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Here is Bert's collection of basketball pictures and documents. Feel free to contact Bert (info@berthoop.net) for request, suggestion or improvement about this web photo album (WARNING: it may take a few seconds or minutes for all pictures to upload).





Lloyd Batts, a young American player from the Chicago area, who impressed lots of kids and basketball fans in Belgium in the 1970s.

He played for CEP Fleurus (Bert's hometown club) from September 1976 until January 1979.

Batts also played for AS Villeurbanne (France) and reached the top level in Europe afterwards.




Rudi Moortgat, former playmaker of CEP Fleurus in the 1970s and 80s, goes for a lay-up.




Standard de Liège in 1979-1980.

The team picture was signed by Jacky Dinkins (former Chicago Bulls’ forward who had a wonderful career in Belgium but died too soon), the other US player Freeman and John Huysecom, the Head Coach.




CEP Fleurus in the early 80s with US center Rick Suttle, formerly drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers, (middle, second row) who was Bert's first trainer.




First comments on Bert as a young player -- extract of his former club's newspaper.




The CEP Fleurus team in Belgian Division II.

Top from left to right: P. Dantinne, G. Busschots, G. Bayot, S. Montalto, Assistant Coach P. Houssière and Head Coach J. Zednicek.

First row from left to right: S. Vanderbreedstraeten, B. Wuyten, C. Robert, H. Gilbert, P. Hautem and current President of CEP Fleurus G. Mureddu.




In the early 80s, Bert and pals as supporters (picture on right, out of daily Belgian newspaper Le Rappel) when CEP Fleurus won the final game to reach the Division I under Czech Head Coach Jiri Zednicek.




Stanislav Kropilak before he arrived in Belgium...

Killy played for Inter Bratislava, was vice-European Champion with Czechoslovakia in the 80s, got selected a few times among the European All Stars, etc.




CEP Fleurus is back in Division I with a great roster.

From left to right: Assistant Coach P. Houssière, E. Yanga, E. Rogiers, A. Dubois, O. Fauville, S. Kropilak, J.-M. Barbier, D. Marquardt, H. Gilbert, B. Feron, President A. Robert and Head Coach J. Zednicek.


Juniors CEP II


Bert (first from left, front row) posing for the team picture in presence of Head Coach Jiri Zednicek of Prague, Czech Republic.




Dean Marquardt and Stani Kropilak grab the ball during one game played by CEP Fleurus (vs. Mariembourg) in the good old hard floored gym of Bonsecours.




CEP Fleuruspointguard Jean-Marie Barbier quicker than (his late pal) Alain Hockins of Spirale Liège.

They played together for CEP Fleurus later on...




Time-out for CEP Fleurus coached by Jiri Zednicek. Harry Gilbert, Edgard Yanga, Erik Rogiers, VDB, Dean Marquardt and Bernard Feron are listening.




CEP Fleurus back in Division I and in the new Salle de la Garenne in Charleroi: S. Kropilak, P. Hautem, J.M. Barbier, E. Rogiers and D. Marquardt.




Excellent jumpshooter Rick Raivio of Maes Pils Mechelen has a tough time against great defensive players of CEP Fleurus, Stanislav Kropilak of Slovakia and Dean Marquardt of the USA.




International player of CEP Fleurus Erik Rogiers loved going to the basket along the baseline.




Edgar Yanga shooting from the free-throw line... "Les genoux, Edgar!"




Serge Vanderbreedstraeten (also called VDB) of CEP Boigelot Fleurus goes for the rebound during a game against Pepinster.




Bert (first from left, standing at 2nd row) and his teammates of the CEP Fleurus FIBA cadets in the late 1980s.


Camp Zednicek I


Bert (standing fourth from right at last row) takes part in a Jiri Zednicek’s Basketball Camp in Fleurus.




This is a document....

A picture from Bert's father who accompanied CEP Fleurus, coached by Jiri Zednicek, in Real Madrid for a Korac Cup game in October 1987.

Belgian forward Eric Struelens (who played for the Spanish team several years later) accompanied the team to Madrid.

Some observers could already tell that Struelens was going to have a great career in Maes Pils Mechelen, Spirou Charleroi, Paris SG, Real Madrid, Girona and Atomia Brussels.




Josechu Biriukov of Real Madrid going to the hoop.

US player Horace Wyatt of CEP Boigelot Charleroi is trying to block Biriukov‘s lay-up during the Real Madrid vs.

CEP game played at the Estadio Municipal de Madrid, 1987 Korac Cup.




During the Real Madrid vs. CEP game in 1987: Real's Spanish center Romai dribbles into the paint as Barbier and Kropilak try to stop him.




Photo taken by Bert when visiting St. John's Arena on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio in December 1988.




At a Logan Chieftains’ game: 1989 varsity senior Tim Moore attempting a pass to Doug Stiverson.




Bert (#2) going to the hoop at a 1989 Intramural Basketball Association game in Logan High School, Ohio.

Bert made it to the IBA All-Star Game at the end of the season...


Mike Price, Cleveland Cavaliers guard in 1989 when Bert saw the Cavs vs the Houston Rockets of Hakeem Olajuwon


Mark Price, pointguard of the 1989 Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bert attended one of the Cavs’ games during the 1988-89 season: Cleveland Cavs vs. Houston Rockets with Hakeem Olajuwon.




Picture taken by Bert at the Richfield Coliseum before attending the 1989 NBA regular season game: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Houston Rockets.




In La Nouvelle Gazette, a Southern Belgian newspaper: short summary about a Belgian Cup game in which Bert was still involved as a player.

His hometeam BC Fleurus had faced Aartselaar, a very good team which reached Belgian Division II afterwards.




Bert's last season as a player. In the local press: summary of an important game played by Bert's team (BC Fleurus in black).

Bert (# 17, picture on top), who scored 32 points that day, stopped playing when the season came to an end.




Antoine Rigaudeau, the French star...

Always been appreciated by Bert.

Seen by Bert at a Spirou Charleroi (BEL) vs. Kinder Bologna (ITA) game.




Beno Udrih, young talent who impressed Bert during a Belgium vs. Slovenia competition game in Roeselare, Belgium.




Carmelo Anthony, NCAA champion with his team of Syracuse in 2003, one of the most impressive players seen by Bert during these last few years.

Bert had the chance to see him play at the U-18 World Tournament of Douai, France in 2001.




Shelden Williams of Duke was also a member of the USA youth basketball squad involved in the 2001 World Tournament of Douai attended by Bert.




Bert's Loganite pal Katie Smith is having a great WNBA career with the Minnesota Lynx, the Detroit Shock and the Washington Mystics.

Selected several times among the WNBA All Stars, Smith has also won a WNBA title with the Shock as well as Olympic gold medals and FIBA World Championship titles with Team USA.




Andrei Fetissov of Russia, a fantastic player seen by Bert at a Spirou Charleroi (BEL) vs. Slask Wroclaw (POL) Euroleague game.




The site of the 2002 Women Euroleague Final Four attended by Bert in Liévin, Northern France (the Stade Couvert de Liévin is very famous for its yearly international indoor track competition).


Bert attended the 2002 Women's Euroleague Final Four in Liévin, France: Gdynia (POL) vs Parma (ITA) in the semi-final


Bert attended the 2002 Women Euroleague Final Four in Liévin (France).

Here is a view of the semi-final game Lotos Gdynia (POL) with Katie Smith and Marie Ferdinand vs Lavezzini Parma (ITA) with DeLisha Milton, Ticha Penicheiro and Yolanda Griffith.




Together to the top...

US Valenciennes Olympic was 2002 FIBA Euroleague champion.

View of the Final attended by Bert in Liévin, Northern France.




Signed collecting cards offered by Katie Smith, when met at the 2002 FIBA Euroleague Final Four.




US basketball legend Teresa Edwards was present at the 2002 FIBA Euroleague Final Four and helped US Valenciennes win the Euroleague title.




In 2002, the Harlem Globetrotters are warming up in Ghent.

Their show is going to start...




In 2002, Bert's family and relatives attended the Harlem Globetrotters’ show in Ghent, Belgium.

Contacts with the Benelux Tour Manager allowed Bert to organize a quiz for Belgian basketball fans who could win free tickets for the 2003 and 2004 shows organized in Belgium.




Ann Wauters, the Belgian woman player!

Here is a picture of Ann and Dexia Namur‘s international center Wielebnowska of Poland trying to get a rebound at a scrimmage game attended by Bert and his brother-in-law in the early season 2002-2003.




US Valenciennes (FRA) vs. Sopron Euroleasing (HUN), 2004 Euroleague Women Quarterfinals.

A great basketball event attended by Bert who keeps on writing as an international correspondent for the American women's basketball web-zine Full Court Press (see www.fullcourt.com).




Bert and family next to Legoland Deutschland's Dirk Nowitzki statue built with thousands of Lego bricks.




At the end of a Belgium vs. France game (Eurobasket 2009 qualifying round) played at the Spiroudome in Charleroi.

Many fans run after French basketball star Tony Parker and his (ex-)wife, the Hollywood actress Eva Longoria.




At the 2010 FIBA World Championship for Women in Karlovy Vary, ex-Head Coach and former Czech Olympic Committee Vice-President Jiri Zednicek (left) and Bert (right) meet and remember the good old time.

This photo has been taken at the KV Arena before the FIBA World Championship’s game for third place between Spain of Alba Torrens, Sancho Lyttle and Amaya Valdemoro and Belarus of Anastasiya Veremeenko, Yelena Leuchanka and Natalia Marchanka.


Karlovy Vary Press Conference Finals Worlds 2010


Bert covered the 2010 FIBA World Championship for Women in Karlovy Vary for eurobasket.com.

Here, at the press conference after the final game: presence of US pro guard Diana Taurasi, Team USA’s Coach Geno Auriemma, Czech NT’s Coach Lubor Blazek and tournament’s MVP Hana Horakova.




For eurobasket.com, Bert covered the 2011 FIBA EuroChallenge Final Four with Lokomotiv Kuban (RUS), Spartak Saint-Petersburg (RUS), BC Telenet Ostend (BEL) and title winner KRKA Novo Mesto (SLO) held at the Sleuyter Arena in Ostend, Belgium (here on picture, at press table).


Spirou vs Pepinster Pupilles


Bert (left) shows much interest in youth basketball competitions and attends a Spirou Charleroi vs. RBC Verviers Pepinster game (U12) with his father and son in the region of Charleroi in early 2012.



Bert attended the 25th Tourcoing Basketball World Tournament involving major U21 National Teams in Northern France in June 2014. Here the USA Elite Team (of Coach Linzy Davis) vs. Montenegro game (two major players on the US side here on the picture: Baylor commit swingman Mark Vital, young Nigerian-American center Abdulhakim Ado).



CEP Fleurus pals and Bert having a talk under the basket with Laurent Constantiello, Manager of Scooore! League’s team VOO Liège Basket. Picture posted on the Facebook web page of the CEP Fleurus fans on Oct. 7th, 2014.



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